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Get-fit stay-fit

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get-fit stay-fit Program

This program is a more flexible approach to achieving your goals. The software developed by the founder of Dickens Fenelon allows you to pick and choose what you would like to eat all while still achieving your weight loss goals. This program should be seen as more of a nutritional counseling rather than the standard weight loss program. Given the fact that there is more freedom to this particular program it should be understood that with this particular program it may take a little longer to achieve your personal goals.

Just like with the “Hands On” program the “Software Meal Plan” has a mandatory assessment in order to properly tailor the software to the individual client. The assessment consists of the same basic medical history, body stats/vitals, and general information about day to day lifestyle. The way this program works is very similar to the “Hands on” plan with the large exception that due to the fact that it’s more liberal and open-ended program you have the ability to pick and choose what you want to eat from a specially formulated meal plan. The software that Mr. Fenelon developed gives you a drop-down list of foods you can eat without going outside of the plan. Just like with the freedom of being able to choose your meals you also have the freedom of how long you’d like to have your Meal Plan License for.

While under contract with Dickens you will receive one on one consultation on a bi weekly basis this way we can ensure that the program stays tailored to you. In addition you will also have unlimited email access so that at any given time should you have a question, comment or concern you can contact us.