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Hands on Fitness Coaching Program

The hands on program is a more regimented course and is for a client who is willing to commit to a program that will require discipline, determination and motivation. The trade-off to the restrictions of this program is that it allows you to see results in a much faster time period providing that all aspects off the course are followed explicitly.

Each potential client will go through an assessment before having their program tailored to them. The assessment consists of a basic medical history, body stats/vitals, and general information about their day to day lifestyle. The assessment is one of the most critical portions to the entire process because it allows us to look at our client’s goal from all angles and really get to the core of things so that we can start off on the right foot.

Once the assessment process is done the client will then express and explain what it is their goals are and what kind of time frame they would like to accomplish them in. When setting a goal and a time frame it is important to set a realistic time frame. Any obstacle can be overcome providing you have the right attitude and support.

The way the hands on program works is that by taking all the data collected and correctly analyzing it Dickens develops a very clear meal plan. We take out the problem of figuring out what to eat by giving you the answer. We tell you exactly what to eat so that you can reach your goals in a timely manner.
The Hands on program is offered in a few different packages. These packages let you choose the best program to fit your budget