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DICKENS’ Children Progress Recognition

I, Dickens Fenelon, the founder of Dickens NLP Strategic coaching would like to start a children’s program to help educate them today on how to eat right and be active so they can grow up healthy and strong. Obesity in children is an ongoing problem in today’s society and it is one that is dear to my heart. As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I have decided that this issue is so important to me, that I have furthered my education to become a Certified Children’s Nutrition Specialist to be able to better focus on a child’s specific health and nutrition needs.

I find this issue to be so important that I cannot sit and wait for the necessary paperwork and legalities to establish a foundation to be completed, and have decided to move forward with the DICKENS’ Children’s Progress Recognition Awards. Our ultimate goal is to establish a foundation, and at the same time, we realize that there is not time to waste when it comes to the health of our youth.
My goal is not only to have my clients become healthier, but also to create a healthy environment for their children as well. If my clients are eating healthy, so should their children – making it a truly healthy environment for all. Every 12 months I look at the progress of all the children who are on a meal plan and decide who made the most progress for that time period and I award them with a prize for their dedication and hard work.

A percentage of the revenue derived from sales of d-Athletic clothing and our line of d-nutrition supplements will be put towards funding these recognition awards. The number of kids that are overweight or obese is rising, which puts them at risk for health problems now and later in life. By giving them the right tools for proper nutrition now, will help children stay in the right direction as they grow to live healthier and longer lives.