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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Program

We at Dickens NLP Strategic Coaching Inc, care very much about our clients and their goals; it is our top priority to find the best solution to fit each individual that we work with.  These solutions can vary greatly depending on the individual and their particular lifestyle and by no means are these programs a “one size fits all” scenario, by understanding each client’s lifestyle and goals we have the ability to better gear one of our programs to them. We believe that when you custom tailor a program to a client instead of the client changing their lifestyle to fit the needs of a program you’ll get much better results and in ultimately a much happier client.

Dickens Fenelon, the founder of Dickens NLP Strategic Coaching Inc.,, LLC and the developer of these programs is a licensed nutritionist that not only has the book smarts of nutrition and health but also has the personal experience of trial and error.  Mr. Fenelon embraces the ideology that what you put into your body is exactly what you’ll get out of it, with that being the case he has spent years  putting together the two foundation programs that Dickens has to offer.

All of us have different schedules and different routines that could cause us to have an irregular sleeping schedule, erratic eating habits or just too busy to eat the right kinds of food. It’s OK, we are only human; What we have done here is put together the right programs to help give any potential client the lifelong tools they need to get back on the right track towards a healthy lifestyle.

It’s believed by many that anything in moderation can’t be that harmful; Dickens believes this to an extent. With the growing amount of foods out there that claim to be healthy but really aren’t it’s sometimes hard to know what’s good for us and what’s not.  One of the most amazing things about Dickens’s programs is not only can it be applied to almost any lifestyle it can also be applied to almost any age. It all comes back to the fact that we design the program to fit our clients.

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