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Orlando Deleri

Orlando Denegri is an advanced neuro linguistic programming trainer, Orlando is the creator of the philosophy of the line of certainty whose study transcends physics, neuroscience and medicine, all philosophy seeks the integrative growth of the human being, since The human being is of such a level of complexity that when seeking growth, thought and strategy must be integrated in all their contexts.

He owns the international certifier of neuro linguistic programming, coaching, hypnosis and time line therapy called Business Institute & NLP based in Peru, he also has an integrative growth system where he trains professionals and entrepreneurs for 6 months, ending the process with a Immersion retreat in the center of the sacred valley of Cusco where it helps people to release emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, pain and guilt, to have greater power in decision making

He was trained by the best and supported by ABNLP, ABH, ABTLT and the American Division of Training, he is also a coach in Energy Psychology (Efttapping) and is a specialist in Ericksonian hypnosis.

With the saying “Every businessman must train his mind and then train his behaviors so that they automatically lead him to the best decision” he has been helping managers of mines, shopping centers and entrepreneurs in Peru and Latin America to face business decisions high impact requiring a special level of concentration.

I am honored to take part in Dickens NLP Strategic coaching Institute as a co-trainer and in house-mentor coach where we will be combining our skills to create most precise certification programs. 


Certified Trainer of NLP (ABNLP); Master Practitioner of NLP (ABNLP); Master NLP Coach (ABNLP); Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® (TLTA); Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH); certified coach of eft tapping; certified coach in core transformation; certified coach in erickonian Hypnosis.

“Without a life purpose, there is no reason to have discipline.”
Orlando Denegri

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